About Nurturing Mums

About Nurturing Mums

Our Story

I fell pregnant and suddenly this world of birth support, antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates came to light. I had my baby and…well there were midwives, health visitors, all different and slightly contradictory, baby massage, church hall playgroups, books that I didn’t have time to read and friends who were all at work. Nurturing Mums aims to fill that gap and provide care for every new parent in order to make parenting a little easier. Our Nurturing Nights packages offer support and guidance for your little ones sleep.

Jenni, our director, is a trained Maternity Nurse and qualified Sleep Practitioner earning distinctions from the London School of Childcare Studies. She’s also an experienced nanny, primary school teacher and a mum of two. Her expertise and listening ear can support you whether you are just finding out you are pregnant or chasing after a toddler. She is based in Leicestershire after having spent more than ten years in London.

Why us?

We have supported hundreds of parents over more than seven years of running Nurturing Mums. We have little ones ourselves and understand the contradictory and hard to find advice out there. We understand that parenting can be isolating with moments of pure joy and frustration held side by side. We work hard to ensure you are supported at every stage. In everything we do we aim to show care, make things easier and provide non-judgemental and inclusive support. With Jenni’s experience and qualifications we can offer you that expert perspective and advice to help you where you are at.

How can we help?

We are here to ensure that your journey into becoming a new parent and being a parent is smooth, supported and sorted. In Leicestershire we offer face to face foundational sleep workshops for parents of children 0-12 months and 12 months +. We can also offer these virtually for private groups.

Here is where you will find all our one to one Nurturing Nights sleep packages. Ways we can support you over the phone, in person, providing advice, sleep plans and ongoing support.

These might be purely social, topic based or a little of both.

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Are you a birth or postnatal professional? We host networking events just for you, a place to celebrate collaboration and support others who look after parents and babies.

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