Our Christmas Gift Guide

This is the season for gift giving. With Christmas just a few weeks away lists are being made and shopping is getting done. So we thought we would help by shouting about some gift ideas for any new mums, new dads or new babies on your list – feel free to use these ideas all year round!

Gift guide for new mums

Little Book of Self Care for New Mums – If you haven’t already read our recent review of this brilliant little book then check it out here. This is the perfect bed/sofa reading for any new mum. Full of loads of beautiful illustrations alongside encouraging and helpful advice and support it’s the perfect little gift.

Spacemasks – These are the best for capturing the perfect self care moment, which every mum needs. Perfect self heating masks which are so relaxing and help you to switch off and drift away.

Newborn Wonder Hottea Mama tea – This gorgeous blend of white tea and delicate rose bud tea is perfect for those newborn days and weeks. Hottea Mama have a lovely range of teas to use from pregnancy to motherhood.

Gift Guide For New Mums
Gift guide for new dads

Carrara Coffee – Now every baby is different but those newborn days can be pretty hazy and make you run on a 24hr constant clock rather than the night and day cycle we all know and love. Here’s where coffee comes in. This brilliant family run roasters offer some amazing blends and unique flavours (as well as masterclasses if you are Leicestershire based)

The New Dad’s Survival Guide – This book is a brilliant go to for any new dad. Full of helpful and practical tip and parenting hacks as well as thoughts on the importance of your dad role. This is a refreshing, modern look on parenting from a dads perspective.

New Parents Date Box – Now not saying that all men lack inspiration when it comes to date ideas but…this little box by Year of Dates is a definite winner. After having a baby with your partner your relationship takes a big hit, in positive ways and some tired, irrational, tough ways. Key to focusing back on each other, quality time!

Nurturing Mums Gifts for Dads
Gift guide for new babies:

Etta Loves Playmat – Any Etta Loves product is pure magic, with amazing science and research behind every pattern they are a wonder for any little ones eyes. They capture babies attention and they are simply mesmerised, cue the cup of tea moment! Their playmat is so versatile with two different patterns and extra soft to create the perfect tummy time and play time location.

Lanka Kade toys – These gorgeous fair trade, wooden toys have the best illustrations hand painted on. They make the perfect stocking filler and little present that can be added to over the years in order to build a brilliant collection of characters to play with.

Nurturing Mums Gift Guide For New Babies

Experiences – One of the best presents you or relatives can get for little ones are experiences. After all what they actually ‘need’ consists of a very small list. But getting them a pass to the local farm park, a bundle of swimming lessons, a term of baby music classes or baby massage can sometimes be the perfect gift for baby and for mums.

If you have been eyeing up one of our courses for yourself, a friend or partner then get in touch and we can arrange a gift voucher to be used against any of our courses or events.

Merry Christmas!

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