Dressing Postnatally

Dressing Postnatally

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The choices for great maternity wear have exploded over the last few years. But what about dressing postnatally? You have given birth, you are figuring out feeding, sleep deprived, recovering from birth either vaginally or via csection and figuring out who you are in amongst all of that. Wouldn’t it help if you felt more confident and comfortable throughout these crazy first days and months? We recently went live on Instagram with Liz from Mumba Bra to talk all about this and how with the right mindset and practical tips you can feel more comfortable and confident in your new postnatal skin.

Your mindset:

  • What makes you feel comfortable? – this won’t be the same for everyone. Maybe its joggers and a big jumper but maybe it’s a colourful dress. Have some items in your postnatal wardrobe that will bring you joy and will help you feel like yourself.
  • It’s completely normal not to be able to fit into your pre pregnancy clothes – give it time for your body to heal and be patient.
  • Edit your wardrobe with postnatal eyes – use some of that pregnancy nesting energy to go through your wardrobe and pull out a small collection that will work if you are going to be breastfeeding, that have elasticated waists, colourful, warm and practical so that you aren’t having to face that dilemma of what to wear in the moment.
  • Don’t compare with other mums – everyone goes on their own journey so don’t compare body shapes or seemingly ‘put together’ mums when you feel like you can never grab a moment for a shower. Take it at your own pace and run your own course.

Our Top 5 Staples:

Big black pants – if you have had a csection these will be vital to protect your incision and keep it clean, dry and protected. But however you give birth we will all bleed so black is key and big is key for those maternity pads.

black knickers

Comfy wireless bra – if you are breastfeeding you will need a bra that can grow with you, not rub or dig in and be practical for feeding. If you aren’t breastfeeding you will still feel uncomfortable as your breasts settle back so something comfy that’s not going to dig in or compress your breasts is essential.

Mumba Bra black


Button down pyjamas – lets face it we will be spending a lot of time in bed but mainly awake so you want to feel as nice as you can, buttons are vital for feeding (especially if it’s colder and you still want covered arms)

Their Nibs pyjamas

Cosy long jumpers – ideally something that covers your tummy and bottom to keep you cosy and obviously depending on the weather something that is going to keep you warm is perfect.

H&M Grey Jumper

Leggings or joggers – depending on what you are most comfy in you might want to lean towards the elasticated waist rather than jeans in those first few weeks, something that will feel nice and snug and give you that extra support as well as being comfortable.

Latched UK Leggings

Let us know how you get on and what your favourite postnatal outfits are.

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