Never Stop Dating

Relationships After Babies…

How long did you date your partner before knowing they were the one? How long did you date your partner before you had kids? My challenge to you is not to ever stop dating your partner.

Remember those first dates, the ones that were planned for you and where you were (hopefully) swept off your feet and shown the highlife. Remember those dates where you could tell in the plans and activities that your partner really understood you. Remember those dates where you talked for hours about everything from what you ate for lunch to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

I think we can all agree that having a baby is a pretty life changing experience. Your priorities change in an instance, you have another vulnerable person to look after and care for. Your body has gone through some amazing growing, let alone birthing at the end of it. Your emotions are all over the place, one minute you are crying because you just want a shower and one minute you elated that you have this amazing little bundle of a person now in your life. However you became a parent, it is truly an amazing privilege to have. If you have a partner beside you that has walked this path with you there is no denying it that you have shared one of the most life changing milestones together.

But in this shift let’s not forget our relationship with our partner. The reason this baby exists in the first place. The love and friendship that you shared together should always remain a priority. Making quality time for each other is the clearest and most caring way you can do this. Setting aside time for each other may not come naturally and may be even harder with a newborn around but finding a space to stop, have fun and honestly communicate together can massively impact how positive this life stage can be.

You might like to be spontaneous or you might be big planners, find your way but always find time. Ask questions of each other, don’t talk about the baby (well not 100% of the time), and share honestly about how you are finding things because I bet you your partner shares some if not all of your concerns. Enjoy planning this time for each other, just like the good old days. And enjoy being on the receiving end of something being planned.

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Take time to remember each other, be kind and make time.

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