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Postnatal Lockdown Life

Postnatal Lockdown Life

A house, a garden (thank goodness), a walk each day, two children under three, a partner now working full time from home and me learning to juggle the role of full time mum, chef, caregiver, business owner, wife, cleaner, entertainer, teacher…welcome to my lockdown.

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Now if someone had said this would be my new normal for going on 5 weeks I would have run scared! But this is my new normal and many of you have more complicated and vulnerable jobs to still carry out. Let along the ones among you who have just birthed a baby during a pandemic and the ones of us who have felt the loss already that this pandemic has brought to the world.

Don’t get me wrong the stripped back nature of lockdown living has creating some amazing opportunities to focus on the little things and little people in our lives. I’m savouring these moments alongside dreading them, and that’s a very strange place to be. The rollercoaster of my own emotions mixed with those of my little ones and the family I’m missing is sometimes to much but then we get a food delivery and an amazing unwarranted hug and all seems right again.

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Who knows how long this will last and the impact this pandemic will cause but I know that it makes what we do even more important. Women are still becoming mothers and are still recovering from birthing babies while learning how to care for and get to know new little people.

That’s why we have moved our postnatal services online, launching the first week of June we will be offering parents with babies under one a virtual way to feel supported, connected and informed via online sessions, additional videos and gifts. Make sure you are signed up to the newsletter for an exclusive discount once bookings open on 11th May.


If you due to have a baby during this time here our our Postnatal Lockdown tips:

  • Stock up on recovery and baby essentials, everything else you can wait for
  • Get ready to Zoom/Facetime/Whatsapp video call with your baby a lot
  • Find out where to go for breastfeeding support digitally
  • Batch cook


Whatever your lockdown looks like, lets focus on the positive, eat chocolate, drink wine and cuddle our loved ones even tighter than normal.


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