Large Sleep Support Package



Want some help with your little ones sleep? Need everyone in your household, including you, to get more sleep? This package includes three hours of time with Jenni that can be used as you wish. Maybe you want to spend an hour together as a consultation and then two hours together putting in place a new bedtime routine or reviewing your current behaviours or set up. Or maybe you want to use a hour for an initial consultation and then an hour together after week one of the plan and another hour after week two, it’s up to you.


This consultation is with Jenni Stirrup, a level 5 Sleep Consultant. She will take a thorough look at where you are and apply her experience, advice and strategies to help you move to where you want to be in a way that suits your family.


If your baby is under 6 months then please choose our one off consultation option or book into one of our workshops, as a sleep plan isn’t appropriate for any child under 6 months.



This package includes:

  • Holistic questionnaire around your child and the sleep concerns you have
  • 3 hour in person consultation (available if you are within 10 miles of Market Harborough) or on Zoom – this is ideally used to support at a bedtime or naptime and work in partnership. The three hours can be used as you wish.
  • Sleep plan detailing where you currently are at, where you would like to be and how to get there
  • 2 week of WhatsApp support (text and voice notes) from day one of starting your plan.



Once booked you will receive a link to book your consultation via Calendly at the time that works for you.

You will then also be sent a questionnaire to complete before our consultation.

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